Monday, December 26, 2016

Dec. 26: Week 3 at the MTC

Felize Natal e Sao Paulo

Last Wednesday our zone leader, Elder Vuyk, burst through our classroom door and told me I should go to the travel office immediately. It felt like I got hit by a bus I was so nervous. BUT GUESS WHAT? I'M GOING TO FINISH MY TRAINING IN SAO PAULO! I leave tomorrow morning at 5:20 am and arrive in Sao Paulo 8:20 am local time (3:20 am MT). I have my visa!!


Elder Dallin H. Oaks from the Quorum of the twelve Apostles came and spoke to us yesterday. He talked about how some people don't know what Jesus Christ did for us and that we all have disabilities and talents and we need to do all that we can with what we have. 

And David Archuletta came and sang last night! He has SUCH a strong testimony. He starts all of his song writing sessions (no matter what religion or not religion the person he's working with is) with a prayer, and has taught many people how to pray that way. He said serving a full-time mission isn't the beginning and end of missionary work, it's to prepare you for a lifelong mission of bringing others unto Christ. Many girls' dreams were crushed when they went to shake his hand and he is like 5' tall haha. He said music is a way to share your testimony and no one will tell you to be quiet or argue with your message, they just listen. I love music! I have learned that it has such power in bringing the spirit. 

This week has been really hard but I really feel like I am coming closer to Christ here at the MTC. God really does love us and know us.

This past week we had another really great lesson. Sometimes being a missionary seems so hard, but lessons like that when the spirit is just SO strong and you God's reality and all that the Gospel has done for you becomes crystal clear, it all becomes worth it. 

I love you all and I will probably have lots to say in my next email, so until then,
Tchau :)

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