Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 12: Week 1 at the MTC

Bon Dia from the MTC!

The first day I felt like a weirdo and like nobody liked me. I did so many embarrassing things. It was so bad, but I remembered why I came here and made it through.

The second day was less embarrassing, but still embarrassing. I met an Elder Karsen Hammer, who I was in CTR7 in Indiana with haha. He was my first crush, and the first boy to make me cry (he barred the door to the classroom and wouldn't let me in). It was pretty funny to talk to him here after so many years. The biggest thing I learned that day is that as a chosen daughter of God who is faithful and chooses good, I am special! And I belong here.  The days are long but I just want to eat up everything we've been learning. Jesus really does love us.

On Friday I realized that I am too used to not believing in myself so that I don't get my hopes dashed or my proud heart crushed. I need to see myself in God's eyes more often. Our district has had a hard time staying focused during the 6 hours we are left without a teacher to study. We ended up having a huge discussion because four of the Elders were worried they were annoying everybody else. I said they weren't annoying, but they were distracting. Elder Jackson (a homeschooler by the way) spoke up and reminded us (almost in tears mind you) why we were here, and that our time is precious. He said the spirit was lacking in our classroom. Responses ranged from expressions of love, to "that's just the way I am," to "we were just getting to know each other." In our dorm, I reminded the sisters that Elder Jackson was right. I think that even though it is hard to focus because we are brand new doesn't make it okay to goof off during study time.

Saturday during study time we talked about Gospel questions we had. Afterwards, some of the sisters were feeling down so Elder Wilson, the district leader, gave them all blessings of comfort. The spirit was so strong! Afterwards our love for each other grew SO much. It reminded me that those 18-20 year old boys really do hold the Priesthood of God. It is so awesome that in this time of our lives that it so easy to be selfish and only think about yourself, your career, your relationships, your needs, Elders and Sisters take 18 months-2 years to serve everybody but themselves. 

"I made it to Sunday!" - everyone. I felt prompted when I first came to the MTC to join the choir, and I LOVED IT! For those who know me and how much I dislike choir, this was pretty crazy. The spirit was SO strong the whole time we were singing. and the song is SO beautiful! We will sing it on Tuesday, and it is one of the Apostles' favorites. It is called "Testimony" and is a new version of "I know that my redeemer lives."

FUNNY STORY: 4 of the Elders (including our district leader) went to shower and locked themselves out of their apartments. So they had to stand in the hall for a while until somebody brought a spare key

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