Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24: The week we ate eggs for breakfast

This week I´d like to relate just 3 experiences....

First, we taught a really awesome family this week. Their neighbors invited them to church (they didn´t go) and then sent us to go visit them. First people that I have met that have a horse!

Second, I was on the bus sitting next to a young woman just feeling a bit melancholy when the thought came that to be happy you just need to serve somebody else. And so I started up a conversation with the girl next to me. And then I felt better. And she said we could visit her this week. Yay!

Third, on Saturday we were exiting the house of a member. S. Salazar and I had the distinct impression to go visit _______, a girl we are teaching whose mom won´t let her be baptized. So we went to her house and her mom was home and we were able to reason with her and make a deal. _________ only needs to show that she has the desire.

This week in my studies I have been learning a lot about being a true follower of Christ and taking His cross upon us. These means giving up the praise and pleasures of the world. I thought about how the response to Joseph Smith´s prayer changed his life. How afterward he suffered so much hatred and sadness and how his life was made so difficult through choosing to follow God´s will for him. But in the end he became more like Christ because of what he did. So it´s all for the best.

 The man said the horse didn´t bite and handed me the rein but I didn´t believe him for a second  haha

A house.

S. Salazar eating a pastel

Typical lunch. It is going to be weird to return home and eat meat with the rest of my family.

July 18: The week I talked to a man on the bus about grace and repentance

Sorry I didn´t tell you all last week, but yesterday we had zone conference, so today is our p-day! 

Zone Conference​​
This week we taught a wonderful woman who is trying to make changes in her life the Plan of Happiness. She has 4 young children and lives with her husband (not sure if they´re married or not yet). I can´t wait to teach her and her family again this week!

These past two weeks two people that I had taught in Teresópolis were baptized! First _____, and then _______ was baptised on Saturday and was confirmed and given the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday!  

This week it was confirmed in my heart and in my mind the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it´s true. I have seen people transform their lives by living this Gospel, forgetting themselves and giving their efforts and desires over to serving God and serving others. 

"And he who shall find his life shall lose it, and he who shall lose his life for my sake, verily I say unto you, he shall have eternal life." -somewhere in the bible, from memory

Free popcorn and cotton candy!

 Palace de Cristal 

Conferencia de zona foi top demais. 

Here are some things I learned:
"You have control over your life.  Be a good person. Who you are makes more of a diference than what you say. Do not worry if you don´t speak perfectly. Many of the prophets were slow of speech (Moses, Nephi, David, Daniel, etc,)
Ask yourself: What could happen because of me or not?
Emotional inteligence: Somebody who identifies their emotions easily and has the capacity to motivate themselves and continue onward, even in the face of frustrations and disillusions. 
Every excuse, even if it valid, weakens your character."

Funny story during splits in Petropolis: We had just gotten done teaching these two women about the law of chastity and planning their weddings etc.when we decided to talk with their brother about playing futebol at the capela. He didn´t want to leave the bedroom but when he did he had a towel wrapped around his waist! His sisters yelled "mentira! Ele tem shorts em baixo." and he revealed that he did indeed have shorts on underneath and we invited him to play futebol. The expression of horror on Sister Gamorana´s face was hilarious though. MIne was too probably but I couldn´t see it.

Ready para andar de motor. 

July 10: The week a man got hit by a train

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! 

This past week we worked really hard following up with the three people who had baptism dates for this saturday, but it didn´t turn out that they were ready this Saturday.

We were fasting and praying for these baptisms to happen, and on Sunday somebody pulled us out of the Principles of the Gospel class to talk a woman who who wanted to talk to us. She said, "Entâo, eu queria ser batizado." She has been going to church for a long time, and so this Saturday will be her baptism!  

The mom of a young woman we are teaching does autopsies and so we hear all sorts of stories.

We had lunch with the first person to be baptized in Três Rios and his wife. It was crazy to think how much the church has grown in this little city. 

Yesterday we talked with a young woman who is athiest and a lot of what I learned in my philosophy class came rushing back. Some of the rhetoric that members use doesn´t really make sense to people with lots of doubts. 

There is a member here who was given a Book of Mormon 11 years ago and after 10 years somehow started talking with missionaries through . He and his son are active members of the church. We are teaching his wife who went to a devotional last night with the president of the Campinas temple. It was super great!

Reuniâo de distrito


View from a member's veranda.

Cookies I made in the microwave... The things you learn on the mission!

July 3: Três Rios!

I really like it here! Três Rios is about 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro and an hour and a half from Juiz de Fora. It is way hotter than Teresópolis but it´s been a bit cold because it´s winter for real now. 

My new companion is Sister Salazar, like I said she is from Chile. She speak Spanish, English, Korean, and a little bit of Japanese. She is super patient and really cares about the people we teach. We have only been in Três Rios one week but already we have been seeing miracles.

On Saturday we had prayed to find someone who was willing to receive the message of the restoration. That night, S. Salazar felt the prompting to knock on a particular door. We did and the woman with her adopted twins welcomed us in, saying that just this past week she had been talking with a relative who is a recent-convert about the church. So we got to teach the restoration to her!

The branch here is super excited and is always inviting family and friends to church. 

I know God answers our prayers! 

Have a great week everybody!

Fotos 1-3: Três Rios
Foto 4: A photo with my face in it

June 26: Tansferido


Family Home Evening!

This is in the neighborhood where we had lunch.

Same day, other mountain. It doesn´t show in the picture but the clouds were glorious.

Eu,  S. Tamblay, and Irmã Erineuza
After 6 months in linda Teresópolis I received the call last night that I will be transferred to Três Rios, RJ! WOOO! Everybody says good things about this area and I am super excited to be able to serve there with Sister Salazar, another Chilena! It´s a big change to be leaving my first área but I know that God puts us where we are for a reason!

I gave a talk on Sunday in church. First time I spoke that I had more than a 10 minute notice before speaking haha.  

On Friday we and the élders held a talent show combined with the ward that share the building with us. It was a ton of fun! We had two teams and games between acts. Afterward there was people dancing and eating cake. It was great!

We taught some lessons and knocked some doors. I could feel the truth of our message this week really strong. I love these people and I would climb a thousand staircases to go talk to them :D I am so grateful for my Savior, for this gospel, and for the sacrifices and examples of Jesus Christ and His apostles, Joseph Smith and the pioneers, and for President Thomas S. Monson and the leaders of the church. I am especially grateful for the families that give so much of their time, talents, and resources to help others come unto Christ. You are truly lights to the world! 

Talent Show!

June 19: The week members gave us cake and presented us to their neighbors

This week had lots of highs and lows. We had splits in Petropolis, I learned so much. One thing Sister Andrade always talks about is how life is short, and so we need to follow Jesus Christ fast. Her and her family are members faz 2 years now and both her and her sister are serving missions. She is such a good example for all of us!

We met some really awesome people this week. It was so good to be able to visit people interested in learning more with members. Yesterday on Sunday we met/taught two different families! 

Before sacrament meeting we were out in front of the church inviting people to enter. We eneded up talking to this one young man who was very interested in learning more. He was surprised to see us, two young people from different countries, inviting people inside, because he´d heard other people say not very nice things about our church, that it is a cult. 

I really liked what one recent-convert said to us in Petropolis. "My life is very very blessed because of the Gospel. Very. People say that this religion is false, but I don´t give an ear to them. But let me say something... there are lots of things to study and learn in this church!" 

But I know that as we study and pray, ponder and ask God for understand, we can come to comprehend God´s plan for us, and the atonement of Jesus Christ.

June 12: The week we got caught in the rain

Not much happened this week! Today is valentine´s day and so we helped put up decorations for an activity for couples on Saturday. It was great to be able to serve a little! 

We held a family home evening in the house of a less-active. It was really beautiful to see their family light up as they said nice things about each other. 

One thing I learned this week is how important it is to work with members. When a member is involved everything becomes easier!

"If you don´t have a desire to share the gospel you don´t understand the atonement." -Mission Tour with Elder Bassett

Last night we watched a facebook live event for youth with the area presidency of brasil! It was super inspiring. The main message was that every young man should serve a mission and all young women who have a desire to serve should serve too. 

Love you all! 

June 5: I love my family!

This is what I said this Sunday when I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. Except in portuguese, of course.

This past week we had a family home evening with two families together. One family was made up of a member less active and a non-member. They have been going to a church for a while, and have been living toegther for 10 years and have 2 kids, they just need to get married! It was so great to talk with them about loving one another and serving each other. 

We met this super chill rapaz and taught him the Restoration. It was cool because if we hadn´t not found his house the first time we probably wouldn´t have found him at home. He was a contact of the Elders and is super prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel!

We visited this couple who were sealed in the temple and everything but afterward left the church because after a huge tragedy that claimed many lives here in Terê nobody went looking for them. They were home teachers and visiting teachers and nobody ever visited them. I think their records didn´t get moved to the other ward after their house was destroyed and they moved. Anyway, we went there to invite them back to church, but I felt inspired to ask the head of the house why he left the church. Then we just listened for a long time.  Afterward we identified what they needed and he seemed really happy. The wife too opened up the next time we saw her. I am really excited to work with this family!

When it comes to lying, gossiping, speaking bad about others, belittling, etc, STOP IT! -Pres. Uchtdorf

Every member needs a friend, a calling, and the word of God. - Pres. Hinckley

Obedience = Joy


Sister Choules

May 29: The week I put on two different shoes

Hello family! And Friends! 

This week was really good. I made chocolate chip cookies for our district meeting.  Here they have cookies but only the kind that come in packages. We have been looking really hard for new people to teach and working with the members here to integrate the people we are teaching. I talked with everyone this week! I could really see the influence of the spirit as I felt impressed to talked to certain people and say certain things.

One thing I noticed this week is the difference in atmosphere in a home that is established on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and one that is not or is just more or less. It makes me so happy to see families reading scriptures together, realizando noite familiares, and striving to share what they have with others. I want my family to be like that!

So, I am so not a scriptorian. Like really, I carry my portuguese tripsy around every day because without it I am compeletely lost. But the other day I had felt impressed to read a certain topic, and later that day when somebody attacked our beliefs I remembered a verse in the bible that very clearly contradicted what they were saying the bible said. I know bible bashes can be contentious, but I thought it was cool and I hope it will help this person open up in the future!

I played piano in sacrament meeting! Wow haha. Well, sort of. I don´t play piano really, I only know how to read the notes. So I played the intro and then the congregation sang a capella. I felt really brave haha.

Keep the faith!

-S. Choules
Our district!

 So the light in our room burned out, and it was really dark outside, and I grabbed the wrong shoe! Walked to all of our appointments until a member pointed my mistake out right before we returned to our house!

I have been learning to experiment a lot with food. This is what I eat a lot for breakfast: toast, pasta de goiaba, cream cheese spread, and coconut.

May 22: The week we didn´t take a van to Juiz de Fora at 4:30 in the morning

We did a lot of visiting membros afastado, follow-ups, and walking in the rain! Every day I wake up and just want to make breakfast and get to work. This is the best work I know I could be doing, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God!

On Wednesday night we took a bus to the other sisters´ house on the other side of the city. On Thursday Elder Mark Bassett, a member of the area seventy (he spoke in october 2016 general conference) was coming to Juiz de Fora to speak to our entire mission. We woke up at 3:30, ate some chocolate cake, and waited for the van. And waited. And waited. 
I guess here in Brasil people who drive tourist vans or school buses hire out sometimes to drive people, and our driver had "given us a cake" as people say. So at 6:30 we were without a ride. 

Well, the sisters called somebody they knew, who called somebody they knew, who was able to come right away and drive us all to Juiz de Fora in time to here Elder Bassett speak. We had 14 missioanries with us and there were exactly enough seats, plus one more so taht a young man from Teresopolis who was doing a mini mission in Minas Gerais could ride back with us. It really was a miracle.

The talk from both Elder and Sister Bassett was really good, and I think I appreciated it that much more for having had to consider the possibility that we might not get to go.
Elder Bassett spoke a bit about how Jesus taught, and how he taught Nicodemus, somebody who was popular and would bring many others to baptized by his influence, to the woman at the well, who society outcasted, who was not making good decisions, and who would be a headache to her priesthood leaders when she was baptized. EVERYBODY needs the Gospel! From people we don´t even know to our super good friends!

I love Our Heavenly Father. I know He is ALWAYS there for us. Sometimes we feel unworthy of His help and His love. But this isn´t God talking. God wants us to find happiness, to be righteous, and to always press forward with faith. When things get hard, just keep praying, and read those things and do those things that will help strengthen your faith. It works, I know it :)

May 16: The week I said goodbye to Sister Herrell

I have a new companion! Sister Tamblay, from Chile! She speaks spanish,and portuguese as second language. Sister Herrell was super great and really tried to keep on working until the very end of her mission.

Our ward put on a stake show de talento. We had some awesome muscial numbers from the members and missionaries.

We taught this couple who are Espirito. They were very respectful. "So, all you´re asking is for us to find out for ourselves." Well, yes. :)

 We invited ______ (14), the brother of _______ and _______, to be baptized, and he wanted to! So he was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!

We clapped at this door and this very old lady answered. We started to invite her to church and she interrupted, saying "I´m almost dead!" afterward though she said we were sent from God and let us say a little prayer.

We had a family home evening with a menos ativo and her husband who is not a member. There was such a sweet spirit there. Families are so beautiful!

Last week we did some shopping. I bought a soccer jersey and a backpack for transfers as well as a journal for other missionaries to write in when I get transfered. I also bought some sweets for two sisters which made them really happy! 

On Saturday I ate a lot of food since it was Sis. Herrell´s last day in the field and everybody gave us comida. 

Mother´s day, I got to see my family on skype, which made me happy. :)

We talked with this old man that he feels like the spirit has left him because he prays 3x a day for God to take his life and God wouldn´t grant him his wish. Afterward Sister Herrell and I had a talk about not praying for something that is against God´s will, and not living life always impatient for the next step, but to enjoy where you are. It´s true sometimes I fall into this trap. It makes me unhappy to always be waiting for the next step. So it´s good to be grateful for what you have, where you are, and what you´re doing with your time:)

May 8: The week I invited 5 men at a bus stop to church

First, a mircale. We met with ______ less than 2 weeks ago and talked to him about the Atonement and challenged him to stop smoking. He used to smoke 2 packs a day (used to be 3) every day since he was 14. And last week, he decided to stop. 3, 4, 6 days went by without smoking and on Saturday he was baptized, Sunday he was confirmed a member and given the gift of the holy ghost, and afterward receieved the Aaronic priesthood! What a change  we have seen in him. He is so smiley and pure.  His wife, ______, is a member . She was speechless the day of the baptism. She has been waiting for this day for 5 years. They are going to continue on so that in one year they can be sealed as husband and wife for eternity in the temple!

On Thursday we visited lots of families who are now inactive in the church. One thing I have learned on the mission is how to be a  member. 

Our Ala (ward) Teresópolis is really starting to develop in a beautiful way. On Sunday it was like the congregation came to life. We had non-members, people returning to church, and the members all reaching out to each other and worshipping together. It was realmente a delight. 

Yesterday we met a grandaughter of a recent convert who really wants to change her life around. I love how this Gospel helps people. I love our Savior and that we have the opportunity to repent and be  forgiven. 

1 João 4:7-11


Sister Choules

Frango, suco de pêssego e fritas! Pretty normal meal here.

May 1: I don´t know exactly why but I just really liked this past week

It was really cold and because of splits in Petropolis, organzing our area book we didn´t get as much work done as we could have, but it was a good week. I forgot to say last week that on the way to the rodoviara there were like 14 missionaries on the bus coming back from Petropolis and so we all sang hymns the whole way there on the city bus. It was really fun and courageous.

Tuesday started out really hard. I was at the point of tears. But then I said a prayer and I fel better, and we had a super good day! Our investigator, ______, decided that finally he would stop smoking and his batpism was announced on Sunday for this Saturday. We had a super good lesson with _______, the mom of the two kids who were baptized lately. 

Divisões in Petropolis were good, we got to sing hymns with a blind man who was recently baptized and with a membro afasado. I love hymns because they invie the spirit, children stay calm while you sing them, and because you can´t argue with a song. David Archuletta spoke a little bit about his in the Provo MTC.

I had prayerfully thought about where we should knock on doors and decided on this litle road on top of a hill close to the church. We ended up meeting a woman in her early 20´s, educated, and inerested in learning more. We gave her a pamfleto and set up to meet her the next day. When we returned she had already read the pamflet, understood everything we taught her, and commited to reading he Book of Mormon. Wow. Wish she weren´t going down to Rio for 3 wees :(

On Friday we got introduced to a young woman by a couple who are less active at an activity in the church. The next day we were able to teach her in the home of this membro menos ativo. It is so cool how sharing he gospel can help people feel happy and return to church.

Love you all so much! Have a boa semana:) 

Apr. 24: The week the presidente do Missão nos queimou

P-day we went to the National park with _______ e _________, two membros afastado. After that our week is a blur of knocking on doors, rain, baptism invites, calls from our zone leaders 3x a day, urgent messages, and phone calls.

There has been lots of slacking off in our mission. So on Quinta-deira we got called to drop everything and hop on a bus to Juiz de Fora, which is mais ou menos 5 horas away. I am not unguilty of slacking off. Nossa. we got burned. But it was so good. It was a burn, but it was a good burn. 

 Presidente Lacerda falou muitos coisas. Basically we need to serve with all our hearts and leave no room for distractions with things of little importance. We need to get to work and be obedient.

Things are stressful right now. But it´s the good kind, because it motivates me to press forward and gives me energy to do the things I should. 

MILAGRE: on Wednesday the president mandou que todos as pessoas que foram em igreja uma vez devia ser convidado para será batizado no Sábado. So we visited the house of _________. We didn´t know what we were going to share beforehand. But we ended up sharing this part in the Livro de Mórmon about how we need to not procrastinate the day of our repentance. And so, with the spirit super strong, we invited _______ and _______ to be baptized. ________ said that ________ vai batizar nesta Sábado e gave the permission she had previously withheld. It is hard that she declined. She knows these things are true. But she has her agency. i only hope that in the future she will change her mind and her life and join her children as members of the church of Jesus Christ.

This is one of the harder months for missionary work. But I am 100% sure that God is in front of this work. That God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That He is always reaching out to gather the just. That we can always knock and He will be there. The Book of Mormon is true. When we read, we come closer to God. When we act, we become more like Him. When we pray, He answers our prayers with comfort and help with our challenges and temptations.

I am grateful that the president burned us. I feel more at peace now, more excited, more confident. I hope you all can feel the same way too :)

______, the sister of ______, was baptized at last! She is such a smart girl, and sassy too haha. But she loves reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. 

District Photo

Zone Conference Photo

Apr. 17: Alma capítulo 7

Fotos! Feliz Páscoa!

Foto 1: Almoço no páscoa na casa de Irmã Wanderleia e Irmão Paulo com minha novo amiga Sister Herrell! 
Foto 2: Vista de Teresópolis da Beira Linha
Foto 3-4: Na caminho para almoço com as sisters que ficarem em Teresópolis! 

These two guys told us they were from Mato Grosso. I said, "I was there yesterday!" and they responded, "No, the state." ...embarrassing haha. 

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Herrel and she é de Washington. It is her last transferência antes ela vai voltar para casa! Sister Soares foi para Varginha, lá no fim do mundo e é um sister training leader agora. Nos vamos ensinar um aula de inglês aqui em Teresópolis.

FELIZ PÁSCOA! I looked up the real meaning of páscoa ontem. It was a celebration the Israelite did to remember the day that the destroying angel passed by because they had blood of a pure lamb on their doorways. But now it is a reminder of how we are saved through the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ!

This past week we did lots and lots of contacts and work to find novos pesquisadores! We found some good people. We are going to doing a lot to find more people, but I never did a work more rewarding. This is a sacred responsibility we have, and God recognizes our efforts! 

There are hard times ahead and behind us. The world is full of things that want attention. But I am determined to look forward with faith. There is only one caminho, and it is Jesus Christ. Please share this message of hope and love with others! 

This gospel is perfect, and is meant to perfect us, but nobody is perfect yet. Be an example of the believers!

Sister Choules

Apr. 10: So many emails so little time

I had a really great week! We had three investigators at church who have tons of potential. This week I have learned a lot about the importance of gaining your own testimony of the restoration of the Gospel.

We taught this man who is used to be an evangelist and be active in his church but now is living a very degraded lifestyle. I could see so much potential in him as he recited scriptures and talked about the grace of God even though he had been drinking. Sister Soares and I want to shape him up. But the day we went to teach him again darkness had come into his eyes and he was too drunk to talk sense. The power of God is real, but so is the power of the enemy if you let it.

 We were descending down this mountain in the pouring rain on Saturday after lunch at a the house of a member and a police car stopped to give us a lift! Haha, how strange it must have appeared to see two Sister missionaries getting out of a cop car. 

Love you all, waiting for transfer calls!!

Apr. 3: the week of CONFERENCIA GERAL! #ldsconf

Hi family and friends! This past week was really good, and really cold! Who knew Brazil could be cold? 

General Conference was this past ​​Saturday and Sunday. I learned so much, and my faith is that much stronger! I got to listen to it in portugues which was fun! I didn´t understand everything but I learned so much!

 I don´t have much time to write but I want you all to know that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! I love him and I know he loves me too :)

Depois conferencia Domingo a noite nos vamos para uma casa de um membro afastado de muitos anos. Eu tive a impressão enquanto nos fomos falando para falo sobre a historia do família, lembrando a primeiro discurso no Sábado seção de Conferencia Geral. Ela começou para cantar todos muitos nomes de sua família e expressar-se um desejar para aprender como utilizar Eu accredito esse foi um comprimento dos palavras dos profetas!

Sister Soares e eu estou aprendendo de um ao outro, e fortalecendo de fé de outro. Está muito boa para tenho alguém eu posso falar sobre o evangelho e os doutrinas de Cristo.

English Translation:

Then lecture Sunday night we go to a member's house away from many years. I had the impression as we were talking to talk about the family history, remembering the first speech in the Saturday General Conference section. She started to sing all the many names of her family and express herself a wish to learn how to use I accredit that was a length of the words of the prophets!
Sister Soares and I am learning from each other, and strengthening each other's faith. It is very good for I have someone I can talk about the gospel and the doctrines of Christ.

Thank you all for your emails! If you haven´t had a chance to watch conference, do it! I know that if you do you will receive answers to your doubts and questions!

-Sister Choules

Mar. 27: The week I climbed the stairway to the sky


We stopped at the house of a membro afastado. Sister Soares surprised me by asking me to give the message. So I talked about this discurso I had read recently about the Book of Mormon, and testified of its truthfulness. The spirit was super strong, stronger than it had ever been when we had talked to her. 

We read o Livro de Mórmon with _______ and her family. It made me happy, and reminded me of reading the scriptures with my family xD. _______ and ________, the only members of the family that frequentar igreja, were super great in volunteering to offer the opening and closing prayers. I have seen them progress so much! 

During splits with Sister Overbay in Petropolis we met a nice old lady. Most old people say "I´ve been Catholic for the past __ years and I´m going to continue being Catholic until I die." But this lady listened to us, and talked about her faith. She said she was Catholic, but that would attend our church, to ensure that she was on the caminho certo. She had such real intent. :)

Lições eu aprendi: 

I have thought a lot this week about the necessity of Our Savior. I don´t think we all realize how much we need Him. It´s not just "cool, Jesus loves me." We  owe 100% of what we have, what we are, to Him and His infinite atonement. Without God we cannot progress. We cannot be forgiven. We cannot be saved from hell. We are stuck forever in our sins, sem um corpo e sem felicidade. So it´s important to remember Him, to follow Him, to really live our lives accorda as seus ensinamentos.

There are many people who have left the church because of what other people said or did or didn´t say or didn´t do. This to me is really sad. To not come unto Christ because of other people seems wrong to me. To not progress because of other people did seems sad to me. There are many people who returned from the mission early, who did not keep their promises and covenants to God, and who are not living the way that Christ has taught us to live. But that´s no reason not to serve a mission, not to make covenants with God, and not to live the way Christ taught us to live. The principles of the Gospel are still true, no matter who is or isn´t living them. I know that when we live our lives how the Savior taught, when we truly repent and come unto Christ, that we have the promises of eternal life with God. That this Gospel is good, and that it is of God. T​​​​​​hat no matter who falls away from the church or not living the way I think they should, the church is still true. I like the saying, "the church is true, people are not."

On the way to Petropolis. The road makes you really really queasy, because it winds so much. But it´s also
really pretty. 

CAVALO! I always see this cavalo in the road.

Scripture study :)