Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan. 30, 2017

Ontém foi muito legal. Nos ensinamos uma famailía que morar na acima, então um membro de ala ondar seu motor (motorcycle) up and down dois vezes para levantar de dois filhos que desejar para frequentar igreja.  E eles voltar á casa na back of a truck. Foi um dia de alegria. I was worried about whether or not they would like it, but then I remembered that the point of church was to remember Christ and to renew our covenants and to learn how to better follow Him. and so instead of worrying I remember Him instead :) 

We have a new schedule, lots more freedom to decide when we want to do things. And we don´t have to wake up til 7:00. I feel a lot less tired all the time. They had lots of missionaries returning and becoming afastado and so they are giving us more freedom so taht we can continue when we voltar para casa. My companion and I have figured out a way to decide when we want to do things. We both write down what we want and then discuss. 

I feel like my faith is growing. Today I felt so much joy simply from reading the Liahona and other church literature. I wish the whole world would read the Book of Mormon. It has helped me so much and I have gained so much help and revelation from it about myself and my faith in Jesus Christ. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and the heavens are not closed. We are weak but through him we are made strong.

Brasil is beautiful, I get to climb a mountain everyday. I don´t mind though. Moses spoke with God on a mountain. And the vistas are gorgeous. And my calves are strong haha.

Life as a missionary can be pretty crazy. We went 3 days without having almoço in the home in of a member (they either gave us food to go or were in the hospital). I asked my trainadora if this is normal and she said this has never happened haha. But I have seen really cool things happen too. Like we were talking to _______ outside his home when _____ passed by and said his mom was at home. (she works 6 days a week, 9-8) and so we were able to go and teach her and her family. 

I love getting to learn about this Gospel and sharing it with others. Jesus Christ lives, and the heavens are open! We just gotta knock :)


Sister Rachel Alaina Choules
Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission
Av Barão do Rio Branco, 3053
Ed Blue Tower-9 Andar-Salas 901 E 902
36010-012 Juiz de Fora - MG Brazil

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jan. 23:

Ola minha família e amigos! I traveled to Juiz de Fora with 8 other Brasilians and met a really nice lady from Belo Horizonte on the plane ride and she shared her testimony of Jesus Christ with me. My first day was really chill, with dinner and testimony meeting with the mission president and his wife. I met my trainer, Sister Soares, and found out my first area would be Teresopolis. My mission president, who is very funny, made us try and guess where we would go on the map. I guessed Teresopolis because it looked the most beautiful from the pictures of the zones. And I was right kkk. Dominos is really popular here but it looks and tastes wayy different than American pizza. I like the frango pizza. #frangoforlife

Teresopolis is so beautiful! It is actually in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for the dedo de Deus (finger of God), a huge mountain.

The MTC was so great and I miss being surrounded by other missionaries. Though I also love helping people come unto Christ and make huge changes in their lives. I felt the spirit this week as I testified of families, the Book of Mormon, and Jesus Christ. It was so cool to see people´s contenances change afterward. For example, Michel, an inactive memebr who said he didn´t believe in God the first tiem the missionaries visted him gave a beautiful and sincere prayer after we read and testified about Jesus Christ´s visit to the Americas. Way cool.

The members here are great. We have almoço com eles everyday. This is our main and pretty much our only meal besides breakfast. We can have Jantar but we just don´t. Fun fact; Brasileiros really like ham and cheese paninis for breakfast.

Brazil MTC and Sao Paulo temple

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan. 17: Arrival at Juiz de Fora Mission

Note from the Mission Home:

Sister Choules arrived safely here in Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission, she had lunch with President and Sister Lacerda. Now she is in an interview with the President and having a training meeting with the assistants. She is a great missionary and she is loving here. Tonight she will meet her companion and tomorrow she is going to her proselyting area.
Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission President and Sister Lacerda

Jan. 11, 2017: Brazil MTC week 2

This is what one of the Elder says to me in English when he doesn´t know what to say because he is from Paraguay learning Portuguese haha. 

The Chocolate here is SO good! We get some every night during snack time. They have these  chocolate turtles and these trufflish things that are muito good I could eat them todos as noites.

I passed out my first Book of Mormon! a homeless person. Not even sure you´re supposed to do that xD But we went proselitismo em Downtown São Paulo. Our instructor said it was a famous street but I don´t really know xD. As our district was walking up to begin giving out BoM´s (6 per companionship) a homeless man started walking at us yelling cuss words and calling us "Americano Garbage!" Irmão Viana (our instructor) told us that meant "Welcome" in Porutugese haha. 

I met lots of nice polite and friendly people. Some who I would have wanted to be amigos with but who weren´t interested in learning more. I met a family living on the streets with 2 little ones, and a woman with 2 little ones asked if I could hold her sleeping little boy while she bought something at the drug store. I smiled a lot and shared why we were here sharing Book of Mormons even if they didn´t want one. I still had one left over afterward, but I decided to keep it because I wanted to read it too. 

I sang in portuguese in front of the whole MTC! a quartet. I sang "I´m trying to be like Jesus" with three other Americano sisters while two others played the piano and the flute. 

I am so glad I got to come here. I have been so happy here, and have made so many friends! I can´t believe next week I have to take what little portuguese I know and enter the mission field. I am so glad God called me here. Brasil is the best country in the world  (in my opinion) xD

Fun fact: a lot of the street shops where we are don´t have doors. You can just walk right in, and when it rains or they´re closed, they have like a garage door.

Boa tarde:)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jan. 4, 2017: Brazil MTC Week 1

Feliz Ano Novo!

I can´t believe it´s p-day already, and yet it feels like a year since I wrote last. I LOVE Brasil. My favorite part is the people--it´s weird to think I wouldn´t be able to meet the friends I have if I didn´t speak any portuguese. Some people here speak English and Portuguese, most speak mostly portuguese and a little English, and some others don´t speak any inglés at all. 

The schedule is much different here. On Sabado EVERYTHING was determined to go wrong, but I was just as determined to stay happy. Por causa Ano Novo we got 2 extra hours of exercise time. I played  a game of knockout and won. Russel would be proud. My teacher can juggle (like you do in soccer) a ping pong ball. We got ice cream and got to take pictures and stay up till midnight. It was so fun to get to know more Brazilians that night.

Brasil é diferente. Mas muito bonito e muito bom. My portuguese is improving... Probably because you need it here to read the schedule and everything else.

The days here are hard. It´s hard to leave your room thinking you might know portuguese and then walk into the halls and have no idea what anybody´s saying. 

I had to get my Hep. A booster! I had to mime to the nurse that I pass out when I get shots cuz again she didn´t speak English. Super funny. 

Espiritualmente I have learned to pray--and pray some more. The days here can be so hard and frustrating. So I have been doing that a lot. When I pray God has comforted me and given me the strength I need to go on. It´s been really legal to see how the Espirito works.

Por exemplo hoje eu felt muito melancholy, and desânimo. But then I went to the São Paulo Temple, and prayed a lot, and now I feel feliz:) The São Paulo temple is MUITO MUITO belo, it has gold trim, beautiful paintings I have never seen before, and a goregous stainglass window of Christ´s visit to the Americas. I could just feel the love for God that went into such precious handiwork. 

I met a whole bunch of Brazilian missionaries who are going to Juiz de Fora! I sat with them for amoço a few days ago and they are muito legal:)

One thing that really hit me when I came to Brasil is how MUITO IMPORTANTE it is to learn portugués. 

Some funny things:

-I was on splits (traded companions) with a Brasilian sister who was trying to practice her Inglés, she was trying to ask how old I was and she said, "how many ears do you have?' Por que in Portuguese, you say 'Quanto ano você tem?" or something to that effect.
-That same sister told me in English that I was awesome, and in return I accidentally called her an idiot in Portuguese. Haha

Sorry can´t send pictures until I am out in the field--I took some good ones though!!