Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan. 11, 2017: Brazil MTC week 2

This is what one of the Elder says to me in English when he doesn´t know what to say because he is from Paraguay learning Portuguese haha. 

The Chocolate here is SO good! We get some every night during snack time. They have these  chocolate turtles and these trufflish things that are muito good I could eat them todos as noites.

I passed out my first Book of Mormon! a homeless person. Not even sure you´re supposed to do that xD But we went proselitismo em Downtown São Paulo. Our instructor said it was a famous street but I don´t really know xD. As our district was walking up to begin giving out BoM´s (6 per companionship) a homeless man started walking at us yelling cuss words and calling us "Americano Garbage!" Irmão Viana (our instructor) told us that meant "Welcome" in Porutugese haha. 

I met lots of nice polite and friendly people. Some who I would have wanted to be amigos with but who weren´t interested in learning more. I met a family living on the streets with 2 little ones, and a woman with 2 little ones asked if I could hold her sleeping little boy while she bought something at the drug store. I smiled a lot and shared why we were here sharing Book of Mormons even if they didn´t want one. I still had one left over afterward, but I decided to keep it because I wanted to read it too. 

I sang in portuguese in front of the whole MTC! a quartet. I sang "I´m trying to be like Jesus" with three other Americano sisters while two others played the piano and the flute. 

I am so glad I got to come here. I have been so happy here, and have made so many friends! I can´t believe next week I have to take what little portuguese I know and enter the mission field. I am so glad God called me here. Brasil is the best country in the world  (in my opinion) xD

Fun fact: a lot of the street shops where we are don´t have doors. You can just walk right in, and when it rains or they´re closed, they have like a garage door.

Boa tarde:)

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  1. A beautiful opportunity to sing hymns in their native language. I love the hymn, "I'm trying to be like Jesus." I am sure it was beautiful!! Wonderful!