Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jan. 23:

Ola minha família e amigos! I traveled to Juiz de Fora with 8 other Brasilians and met a really nice lady from Belo Horizonte on the plane ride and she shared her testimony of Jesus Christ with me. My first day was really chill, with dinner and testimony meeting with the mission president and his wife. I met my trainer, Sister Soares, and found out my first area would be Teresopolis. My mission president, who is very funny, made us try and guess where we would go on the map. I guessed Teresopolis because it looked the most beautiful from the pictures of the zones. And I was right kkk. Dominos is really popular here but it looks and tastes wayy different than American pizza. I like the frango pizza. #frangoforlife

Teresopolis is so beautiful! It is actually in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for the dedo de Deus (finger of God), a huge mountain.

The MTC was so great and I miss being surrounded by other missionaries. Though I also love helping people come unto Christ and make huge changes in their lives. I felt the spirit this week as I testified of families, the Book of Mormon, and Jesus Christ. It was so cool to see people´s contenances change afterward. For example, Michel, an inactive memebr who said he didn´t believe in God the first tiem the missionaries visted him gave a beautiful and sincere prayer after we read and testified about Jesus Christ´s visit to the Americas. Way cool.

The members here are great. We have almoço com eles everyday. This is our main and pretty much our only meal besides breakfast. We can have Jantar but we just don´t. Fun fact; Brasileiros really like ham and cheese paninis for breakfast.

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