Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jan. 4, 2017: Brazil MTC Week 1

Feliz Ano Novo!

I can´t believe it´s p-day already, and yet it feels like a year since I wrote last. I LOVE Brasil. My favorite part is the people--it´s weird to think I wouldn´t be able to meet the friends I have if I didn´t speak any portuguese. Some people here speak English and Portuguese, most speak mostly portuguese and a little English, and some others don´t speak any inglés at all. 

The schedule is much different here. On Sabado EVERYTHING was determined to go wrong, but I was just as determined to stay happy. Por causa Ano Novo we got 2 extra hours of exercise time. I played  a game of knockout and won. Russel would be proud. My teacher can juggle (like you do in soccer) a ping pong ball. We got ice cream and got to take pictures and stay up till midnight. It was so fun to get to know more Brazilians that night.

Brasil é diferente. Mas muito bonito e muito bom. My portuguese is improving... Probably because you need it here to read the schedule and everything else.

The days here are hard. It´s hard to leave your room thinking you might know portuguese and then walk into the halls and have no idea what anybody´s saying. 

I had to get my Hep. A booster! I had to mime to the nurse that I pass out when I get shots cuz again she didn´t speak English. Super funny. 

Espiritualmente I have learned to pray--and pray some more. The days here can be so hard and frustrating. So I have been doing that a lot. When I pray God has comforted me and given me the strength I need to go on. It´s been really legal to see how the Espirito works.

Por exemplo hoje eu felt muito melancholy, and desânimo. But then I went to the São Paulo Temple, and prayed a lot, and now I feel feliz:) The São Paulo temple is MUITO MUITO belo, it has gold trim, beautiful paintings I have never seen before, and a goregous stainglass window of Christ´s visit to the Americas. I could just feel the love for God that went into such precious handiwork. 

I met a whole bunch of Brazilian missionaries who are going to Juiz de Fora! I sat with them for amoço a few days ago and they are muito legal:)

One thing that really hit me when I came to Brasil is how MUITO IMPORTANTE it is to learn portugués. 

Some funny things:

-I was on splits (traded companions) with a Brasilian sister who was trying to practice her Inglés, she was trying to ask how old I was and she said, "how many ears do you have?' Por que in Portuguese, you say 'Quanto ano você tem?" or something to that effect.
-That same sister told me in English that I was awesome, and in return I accidentally called her an idiot in Portuguese. Haha

Sorry can´t send pictures until I am out in the field--I took some good ones though!!

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