Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb. 6:

Just, you know, a horse standing in the rain in the middle of an intersection at 8 o´clock at night

This week one of our investigators said he would read his scriptures because last time he read the Book of Mormon right after he finished he found a school for his son to attend. He is sem trabalho so this was a huge blessing.It is awesome to see how the Lord desires to bless us--if only we would turn to Him! 

Quarta-feira I was sick so I drew this little diagram to help my companion learn to play the piano. The next day I felt better and couldn´t help but think over and over that, "Today God gave me my health for a reason... better go find out what that reason is/do what he wants me to do." 

It rained a lot, usually it rains and then stops again after a few minutes but this week it stayed. 

Sabádo everything seemed to be falling into place. Nobody had work, and just about everybody agreed to be at church on Sunday. I was exited- there were going to be so many investigators at church!

...And then Sunday morning came. We walked for a long time to fetch people but nobody could come. When we finally sat down in Sacrament meeting we had... zero investigators at church.  For as vontade de razões, an abundance of reasons, nobody came. 

3rd hour of church came. The Stake President talked to us about the ward´s goals for missionary work. He started talking about how we hadn´t had a baptism for 2 months because our sisters were weak and weren´t working hard enough. And this is exactly what I thought to myself this past week. But he said no, this wasn´t the reason. The missionaries needed the members´ help! I think this is exactly what we all needed to hear :´)

Talked with a Jehovah´s witness. I tried to say that I thought that Jehovah´s witnesses thought Mormons were going to hell, but accidentally said (in portuguese, of course) that Mormons though Jehovah´s witnesses are going to hell. Oops. My companion had to save the situation. Behavior speaks louder than mistakes though I think because by the end she was very warm and excited to see us again xD. Her husband said he liked it when we come because we bring joy to his home :)

I love this Gospel, I love my Savior :) I love the joy and the light this Gospel brings to the eyes and lives of this people. It is everything to me!


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