Monday, July 24, 2017

Feb. 13: I teach English and aquire some JW literature

We were walking in this neighborhood in the mountains, and Sister Soares said oi to this man walking his dog. After a little while she stopped me and asked me if I saw him, and if we should turn around and go talk to him. So we turned around. And the spirit was so intense as we walked and talked to him. His name was ___________and he was a pastor in the _________ church, and he had been in our church and recognized us as siblings in Christ and is willing to let us come share a message with him. So that was cool.

We´ve been knocking on the door of this legal young man who lives close to the igreja, but nunca conseguir because his house is like 20 yards away from the door. But we kept trying. Then Sábado we knocked just once when a vizinho de Bernardo came up to put his dog away on the other side of the door. Graciously he let us through so we could access ________´s house. And he was at home! So we got his number invited him to church and set up an appointment to meet with him again. Tão bacana! 

We couldn´t find anyone to buscar ________ (9) and _______ (12) for Church, so we ended up doing it. They live up this big mountain so we were pretty tired the rest of the day. After church ________ told Sister Soares that he wanted to ask his Mãe se ele pode batizado este Sabádo. Sister Soares had to ask him to repeat what he said to make sure she heard correctly haha.

It is so cool how the Lord can work through me despite my many weaknesses. I love Teresopolis and I love these people! I hope all people can progress and they find happiness in this life:) Jesus Christ is the way. God knows us, and he loves us still! 

One thing I´ve really realized is the importance of is daily prayer and scripture study. It is so important to read the scriptures and pray that it is a commandment. And God blesses us so much when we do these things :) I know it.

Até próximo! 

-Sister Choules

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