Monday, July 24, 2017

Feb. 20: The Lord qualifies who he calls


We were way up this mountain in a new bairro we´d never explored. Sister Soares needed a restroom really bad and asked if we should ask at this one house way up these stairs. I said "yeah!" Turned out this couple and their son had been visited by the missionaries before but had lost contact with the church because of a move. They were ready and eager to learn more about the Gospel.

______ is going to be baptized Terça-feira! Sunday was daylight savings. Sister Soares´knee hurt and we were supposed to have to climb up this mountain to buscar ______and _______, but to our pleasant surprise they had just descended when we met them on their way to church. So we didn´t have to walk all the way up. ______ wants to be baptized too but her mom wants to wait till after ______ is baptized. I really want their whole family to be baptized but they can´t if they don´t come to church :(

______ too came to church and actively participated in our Gospel Principles class. He said on Tuesday to me and Sister Overbay that he wants to be baptized. All he needs is cascimento. Which is really hard and expensive in Brazil :( but everything is possible with God :)

With Sister Oliveira and Sister Overbay we met a recent convert named _________ (23) who is legal demais (really cool). He really has something to offer to God and to the children of God, but has felt a little depressed of late and so has not been attending church. I am glad we got to meet him.

Life in Brasil: 

This Monday our sister training leaders, Sister Overbay and Sister Oliveira, came down to spend our p-day together and do splits the next day. Sister Overbay is from Oregon and is shiki demais (really cool). We had lots in common including our love for the outdoors and Indie music and an ex-boyfriend named ______ haha. #adventurebuddiesforlife. It was really great getting to visit the Dedo de Deus and see Rio de Dinheiro from this overlook. I knew we were high up but never knew quite so much until I saw the ocean from where we were. We also happened upon a waterfall on our way back, which made me very happy (see photo).

I ate lots of açaí this week, it´s this smoothie like stuff made from a fruit only found in the northwest of Brasil. They eat it like frozen yogurt with lots of options of things you want to put on top. I like it. A lot.  Haha

I found out a member in our ward likes TED talks and to read books like 7 Habits (in português, of course) and do yoga and meditate. Haha it was cool meeting someone interested in the same things as I am from Brasil.

Funny stories:

Sister Overbay shared my sense of wonder and also gave suggestions on food to try. We had some really good talks and also found out the needs of some of our pesquisadores. We also had the experience of these men working with power equipment building a house yelling "Para João Para! There are two princesses walking by! I want to get their números!" And then they climbed down into the street to get our numbers. We had already walked past but when we turned around we saw them. Que doido.

Then we were walking down this streets and asked these women for directions. They helped all they could and warned us that a man in a black car would stop and offer us a ride and not take it. We walked down the road without event and stopped at an intersection to decide where to go. This black car suddenly stopped in front of us and backed up. Suddenly we knew exactly where we wanted to go :´)

I asked a Catholic boy if he wanted to serve a mission too and he looked at me funny xD. (In the Catholic church missioanries are like nuns).

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