Monday, July 24, 2017

Feb. 27: The week I ate a chicken heart.

I am going to stay in Teresópolis with Sister Soares at least 6 more weeks!

This week was really good! I hope you are all doing alright. I want you all to know I am so grateful for God´s plan for us! Through Jesus Christ we can feel joy, forgiveness, and peace. Through His plan everything is made right and we receive so so much more than we deserve even if it´s just a little bit of what we could receive. God loves us and WANTS us to succeed. The most powerful and perfect being in the universe is on your side, doing everything he can to help you. For this I am so grateful!

We decided we´d pray before knocking on doors. We did and we ended up walking up and up until we couldn´t any more. I kept looking at this stairway up into the forest. Sister Soares thought maybe we should turn back since all the houses were rich with video cameras or empty but I said we should knock on at least one door. It was raining and I spotted this stairway up into the forest. We started walking up and I commented that I hoped somebody normal lived up here and Sister Soares replied that she hoped so too because it was going to be awful hard to run down these stairs.

We knocked on the door only to have it thrown open and be invited inside by this nice woman and her family. They had been to the Church of Jesus Christ before and had lots of sincere questions and wanted to learn more! It was truly awesome.

Later that day we were on our way to meet _______ and we stopped to talk with this young man (18) on the stairs. He said he had been in our church 10x! I asked him "Do you want to be baptized?" and I didn´t understand what he replied but afterward Sister Soares said he said "Yes I had wanted to before but my parents didn´t give me permission (I was 16 at the time) but I think they will now." I am really excited for him!

On Friday I felt impressed that we should go looking for a street contact we had made my first week here instead of what we originally were thinking of doing. All we had was that he lived in front of a church of a certain denomination close to this music clubhouse. But we went looking, and I asked people for directions and felt really happy that I can now ask people for directions xD We had just started to start looking higher up/looking for other people who lived in the area when we saw him walking up the path! He gave us the correct phone number and invited us to come visit him when he was less busy. 

_________ was baptized and confirmed this past week! It was really spiritual and good. Only sad part is his mom couldn´t be there because she had to work. But the ward was really supportive so it was all good :)

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