Monday, July 24, 2017

July 10: The week a man got hit by a train

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! 

This past week we worked really hard following up with the three people who had baptism dates for this saturday, but it didn´t turn out that they were ready this Saturday.

We were fasting and praying for these baptisms to happen, and on Sunday somebody pulled us out of the Principles of the Gospel class to talk a woman who who wanted to talk to us. She said, "Entâo, eu queria ser batizado." She has been going to church for a long time, and so this Saturday will be her baptism!  

The mom of a young woman we are teaching does autopsies and so we hear all sorts of stories.

We had lunch with the first person to be baptized in Três Rios and his wife. It was crazy to think how much the church has grown in this little city. 

Yesterday we talked with a young woman who is athiest and a lot of what I learned in my philosophy class came rushing back. Some of the rhetoric that members use doesn´t really make sense to people with lots of doubts. 

There is a member here who was given a Book of Mormon 11 years ago and after 10 years somehow started talking with missionaries through . He and his son are active members of the church. We are teaching his wife who went to a devotional last night with the president of the Campinas temple. It was super great!

Reuniâo de distrito


View from a member's veranda.

Cookies I made in the microwave... The things you learn on the mission!

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