Monday, July 24, 2017

July 18: The week I talked to a man on the bus about grace and repentance

Sorry I didn´t tell you all last week, but yesterday we had zone conference, so today is our p-day! 

Zone Conference​​
This week we taught a wonderful woman who is trying to make changes in her life the Plan of Happiness. She has 4 young children and lives with her husband (not sure if they´re married or not yet). I can´t wait to teach her and her family again this week!

These past two weeks two people that I had taught in Teresópolis were baptized! First _____, and then _______ was baptised on Saturday and was confirmed and given the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday!  

This week it was confirmed in my heart and in my mind the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it´s true. I have seen people transform their lives by living this Gospel, forgetting themselves and giving their efforts and desires over to serving God and serving others. 

"And he who shall find his life shall lose it, and he who shall lose his life for my sake, verily I say unto you, he shall have eternal life." -somewhere in the bible, from memory

Free popcorn and cotton candy!

 Palace de Cristal 

Conferencia de zona foi top demais. 

Here are some things I learned:
"You have control over your life.  Be a good person. Who you are makes more of a diference than what you say. Do not worry if you don´t speak perfectly. Many of the prophets were slow of speech (Moses, Nephi, David, Daniel, etc,)
Ask yourself: What could happen because of me or not?
Emotional inteligence: Somebody who identifies their emotions easily and has the capacity to motivate themselves and continue onward, even in the face of frustrations and disillusions. 
Every excuse, even if it valid, weakens your character."

Funny story during splits in Petropolis: We had just gotten done teaching these two women about the law of chastity and planning their weddings etc.when we decided to talk with their brother about playing futebol at the capela. He didn´t want to leave the bedroom but when he did he had a towel wrapped around his waist! His sisters yelled "mentira! Ele tem shorts em baixo." and he revealed that he did indeed have shorts on underneath and we invited him to play futebol. The expression of horror on Sister Gamorana´s face was hilarious though. MIne was too probably but I couldn´t see it.

Ready para andar de motor. 

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