Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24: The week we ate eggs for breakfast

This week I´d like to relate just 3 experiences....

First, we taught a really awesome family this week. Their neighbors invited them to church (they didn´t go) and then sent us to go visit them. First people that I have met that have a horse!

Second, I was on the bus sitting next to a young woman just feeling a bit melancholy when the thought came that to be happy you just need to serve somebody else. And so I started up a conversation with the girl next to me. And then I felt better. And she said we could visit her this week. Yay!

Third, on Saturday we were exiting the house of a member. S. Salazar and I had the distinct impression to go visit _______, a girl we are teaching whose mom won´t let her be baptized. So we went to her house and her mom was home and we were able to reason with her and make a deal. _________ only needs to show that she has the desire.

This week in my studies I have been learning a lot about being a true follower of Christ and taking His cross upon us. These means giving up the praise and pleasures of the world. I thought about how the response to Joseph Smith´s prayer changed his life. How afterward he suffered so much hatred and sadness and how his life was made so difficult through choosing to follow God´s will for him. But in the end he became more like Christ because of what he did. So it´s all for the best.

 The man said the horse didn´t bite and handed me the rein but I didn´t believe him for a second  haha

A house.

S. Salazar eating a pastel

Typical lunch. It is going to be weird to return home and eat meat with the rest of my family.

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