Monday, July 24, 2017

July 3: Três Rios!

I really like it here! Três Rios is about 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro and an hour and a half from Juiz de Fora. It is way hotter than Teresópolis but it´s been a bit cold because it´s winter for real now. 

My new companion is Sister Salazar, like I said she is from Chile. She speak Spanish, English, Korean, and a little bit of Japanese. She is super patient and really cares about the people we teach. We have only been in Três Rios one week but already we have been seeing miracles.

On Saturday we had prayed to find someone who was willing to receive the message of the restoration. That night, S. Salazar felt the prompting to knock on a particular door. We did and the woman with her adopted twins welcomed us in, saying that just this past week she had been talking with a relative who is a recent-convert about the church. So we got to teach the restoration to her!

The branch here is super excited and is always inviting family and friends to church. 

I know God answers our prayers! 

Have a great week everybody!

Fotos 1-3: Três Rios
Foto 4: A photo with my face in it

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