Monday, July 24, 2017

Mar. 27: The week I climbed the stairway to the sky


We stopped at the house of a membro afastado. Sister Soares surprised me by asking me to give the message. So I talked about this discurso I had read recently about the Book of Mormon, and testified of its truthfulness. The spirit was super strong, stronger than it had ever been when we had talked to her. 

We read o Livro de Mórmon with _______ and her family. It made me happy, and reminded me of reading the scriptures with my family xD. _______ and ________, the only members of the family that frequentar igreja, were super great in volunteering to offer the opening and closing prayers. I have seen them progress so much! 

During splits with Sister Overbay in Petropolis we met a nice old lady. Most old people say "I´ve been Catholic for the past __ years and I´m going to continue being Catholic until I die." But this lady listened to us, and talked about her faith. She said she was Catholic, but that would attend our church, to ensure that she was on the caminho certo. She had such real intent. :)

Lições eu aprendi: 

I have thought a lot this week about the necessity of Our Savior. I don´t think we all realize how much we need Him. It´s not just "cool, Jesus loves me." We  owe 100% of what we have, what we are, to Him and His infinite atonement. Without God we cannot progress. We cannot be forgiven. We cannot be saved from hell. We are stuck forever in our sins, sem um corpo e sem felicidade. So it´s important to remember Him, to follow Him, to really live our lives accorda as seus ensinamentos.

There are many people who have left the church because of what other people said or did or didn´t say or didn´t do. This to me is really sad. To not come unto Christ because of other people seems wrong to me. To not progress because of other people did seems sad to me. There are many people who returned from the mission early, who did not keep their promises and covenants to God, and who are not living the way that Christ has taught us to live. But that´s no reason not to serve a mission, not to make covenants with God, and not to live the way Christ taught us to live. The principles of the Gospel are still true, no matter who is or isn´t living them. I know that when we live our lives how the Savior taught, when we truly repent and come unto Christ, that we have the promises of eternal life with God. That this Gospel is good, and that it is of God. T​​​​​​hat no matter who falls away from the church or not living the way I think they should, the church is still true. I like the saying, "the church is true, people are not."

On the way to Petropolis. The road makes you really really queasy, because it winds so much. But it´s also
really pretty. 

CAVALO! I always see this cavalo in the road.

Scripture study :)

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