Monday, July 24, 2017

Mar. 6: Goiaba!

We visited um membro afastado last p-day. On the way to his house we saw _______ in the street. He said he was not at church the day before because his wife you who is 7 months pregnant is hurting in the belly. I wanted to offer to find somebody to give her a priesthood blessing but didn´t. Then when we came to the member´s house and he was on the couch unable to eat for 7 days because his tongue and throat were so swollen and all the hospitals were closed because of carnaval, I didn´t hesitate. Face dripping with sweat, when I asked if he wanted a blessing he immediately nodded. It was really hard to find somebody because it was a holiday and the night of family home evening, but we were able to find two brothers in the ward with the Melchezideck priesthood to give him a blessing of complete recovery. I am in awe of how God accomplishes His work through us. The next day when we returned his fever had broken and he was alert enough to receive us. :)

We had a rough couple of days this past week. Nobody at home and so many people drinking in the streets that traffic was stopped in some places because of Carnaval. On Tuesday this man was riding his horse and leading two ponies behind him past us. He ended up dropping one of the pony´s leads. So I calmly walked over to the pony and led it back to him. Never know when your talents might come in handy on the mission :)

Saturday we had a super great and productive day! We taught lots of lessons with a member, _______ (16). ________´s desire to go to church and read the livro de Môrmon was reignited. We taught ________ this older man and he was very receptive to what we taught. Except he didn´t want to pray. Or read. Or go to church this sunday. He said "At least I don´t lie! I´m not going to do it so I won´t say I will." which reminded me of what I would say to my mom when she would ask me to do some chores. Sorry mom :'(((

I am so grateful to serve a mission. Yes, it´s a sacrifice. But school and all those other things can wait. This time to me is precious. It is a time when I get to feast upon the words of Christ everyday before I go to work serving my fellow man. It is a time when I need not fear because I know angels are looking out for me and my companion. 

Every time I read the Book of Mormon the spirit testifies to me of its truthfulnness-which gets me really excited! Like, God speaks to His prophets, the things recorded here occurred, God has a plan for us! And I can read about it! :)

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