Monday, July 24, 2017

May 1: I don´t know exactly why but I just really liked this past week

It was really cold and because of splits in Petropolis, organzing our area book we didn´t get as much work done as we could have, but it was a good week. I forgot to say last week that on the way to the rodoviara there were like 14 missionaries on the bus coming back from Petropolis and so we all sang hymns the whole way there on the city bus. It was really fun and courageous.

Tuesday started out really hard. I was at the point of tears. But then I said a prayer and I fel better, and we had a super good day! Our investigator, ______, decided that finally he would stop smoking and his batpism was announced on Sunday for this Saturday. We had a super good lesson with _______, the mom of the two kids who were baptized lately. 

Divisões in Petropolis were good, we got to sing hymns with a blind man who was recently baptized and with a membro afasado. I love hymns because they invie the spirit, children stay calm while you sing them, and because you can´t argue with a song. David Archuletta spoke a little bit about his in the Provo MTC.

I had prayerfully thought about where we should knock on doors and decided on this litle road on top of a hill close to the church. We ended up meeting a woman in her early 20´s, educated, and inerested in learning more. We gave her a pamfleto and set up to meet her the next day. When we returned she had already read the pamflet, understood everything we taught her, and commited to reading he Book of Mormon. Wow. Wish she weren´t going down to Rio for 3 wees :(

On Friday we got introduced to a young woman by a couple who are less active at an activity in the church. The next day we were able to teach her in the home of this membro menos ativo. It is so cool how sharing he gospel can help people feel happy and return to church.

Love you all so much! Have a boa semana:) 

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