Monday, July 24, 2017

May 22: The week we didn´t take a van to Juiz de Fora at 4:30 in the morning

We did a lot of visiting membros afastado, follow-ups, and walking in the rain! Every day I wake up and just want to make breakfast and get to work. This is the best work I know I could be doing, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God!

On Wednesday night we took a bus to the other sisters´ house on the other side of the city. On Thursday Elder Mark Bassett, a member of the area seventy (he spoke in october 2016 general conference) was coming to Juiz de Fora to speak to our entire mission. We woke up at 3:30, ate some chocolate cake, and waited for the van. And waited. And waited. 
I guess here in Brasil people who drive tourist vans or school buses hire out sometimes to drive people, and our driver had "given us a cake" as people say. So at 6:30 we were without a ride. 

Well, the sisters called somebody they knew, who called somebody they knew, who was able to come right away and drive us all to Juiz de Fora in time to here Elder Bassett speak. We had 14 missioanries with us and there were exactly enough seats, plus one more so taht a young man from Teresopolis who was doing a mini mission in Minas Gerais could ride back with us. It really was a miracle.

The talk from both Elder and Sister Bassett was really good, and I think I appreciated it that much more for having had to consider the possibility that we might not get to go.
Elder Bassett spoke a bit about how Jesus taught, and how he taught Nicodemus, somebody who was popular and would bring many others to baptized by his influence, to the woman at the well, who society outcasted, who was not making good decisions, and who would be a headache to her priesthood leaders when she was baptized. EVERYBODY needs the Gospel! From people we don´t even know to our super good friends!

I love Our Heavenly Father. I know He is ALWAYS there for us. Sometimes we feel unworthy of His help and His love. But this isn´t God talking. God wants us to find happiness, to be righteous, and to always press forward with faith. When things get hard, just keep praying, and read those things and do those things that will help strengthen your faith. It works, I know it :)

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