Monday, July 24, 2017

May 29: The week I put on two different shoes

Hello family! And Friends! 

This week was really good. I made chocolate chip cookies for our district meeting.  Here they have cookies but only the kind that come in packages. We have been looking really hard for new people to teach and working with the members here to integrate the people we are teaching. I talked with everyone this week! I could really see the influence of the spirit as I felt impressed to talked to certain people and say certain things.

One thing I noticed this week is the difference in atmosphere in a home that is established on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and one that is not or is just more or less. It makes me so happy to see families reading scriptures together, realizando noite familiares, and striving to share what they have with others. I want my family to be like that!

So, I am so not a scriptorian. Like really, I carry my portuguese tripsy around every day because without it I am compeletely lost. But the other day I had felt impressed to read a certain topic, and later that day when somebody attacked our beliefs I remembered a verse in the bible that very clearly contradicted what they were saying the bible said. I know bible bashes can be contentious, but I thought it was cool and I hope it will help this person open up in the future!

I played piano in sacrament meeting! Wow haha. Well, sort of. I don´t play piano really, I only know how to read the notes. So I played the intro and then the congregation sang a capella. I felt really brave haha.

Keep the faith!

-S. Choules
Our district!

 So the light in our room burned out, and it was really dark outside, and I grabbed the wrong shoe! Walked to all of our appointments until a member pointed my mistake out right before we returned to our house!

I have been learning to experiment a lot with food. This is what I eat a lot for breakfast: toast, pasta de goiaba, cream cheese spread, and coconut.

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